What is PitchPerfect?

PitchPerfect is a complete solution that makes measuring, storing and analyzing the biomechanics of baseball pitchers accessible for any baseball player anywhere, anytime.

Why would I use PitchPerfect?

PITCHPERFECT is the first custom built system that provides you with information on biomechanical workload and automatically tracks the body mechanics of your throws anytime and anywhere. We believe that technological advances are the catalyst needed to bring sports and performance to new heights. Biomechanical information can be readily available for everybody; all it takes is wearing a sensor during sports.


How does PitchPerfect work?

The PitchPerfect sensors measures body rotation and sends the data to your mobile devices with a bluetooth connection. You can start and stop measuring using our free mobile App: PitchPerfect Baseball. Once you are done training you can store the session data on our cloud-based platform. Our platform gives you the opportunity for a deeper dive in the data on your personal dashboards.

Check our tutorial here: User Manual

Or read more abou training with data on the Pitch Tracking or 3d Mechanics page.

Where does PitchPerfect come from?

PITCHPERFECT has already a 10 year background in scientific work. The ideation of sensor technology started in 2012 with scientific projects that were performed at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Delft University of Technology. We started PitchPerfect as an independent company in 2021.  Our hardware technology is build with Dutch industrial partners and is build and assembled in the Netherlands.


Where can I buy PitchPerfect?

We are offering direct sales in Europe through our partner EASTPRO. You can find their shop here

If you would like to order outside of Europe please contact us directly via our social platforms or email: info @ pitchperfect-baseball . com

How much does PitchPerfect cost?

PITCHPERFECT cost 360€ for the complete set. You wil receive:

  • Two sensors
  • Charging station with UCB-c cable a
  • Shirt and short to wear the sensors
  • 12-Month acces to all premium functions

Addition clothing sets can be purchased for 34,95€.


How do I turn the sensor on and off?

Press the button on the back of the sensor for 3 seconds. A double light flash indicates you turned the sensor on. When the sensor is on a light will flash every 3 seconds.

Check out the short tutorial or the Tutorial and Troubleshooting file which includes all screenshots of the app.

How do I connect the sensors to the app?

You can connect the sensors using the PITCHPERFECT BASEBALL app.


Check out the tutorial here.

How long do the sensor batteries last?

Sensor batteries will last at least for a full day


Does PitchPerfect require an internet connection?

You need to be online to log-in to the app, but using the app does not require an internet connection.


Check out more on our Pitch Count or Direct Feedback page.

Can I run the app in the background on my phone while recording?

Yes. The sensor tracks all your throws after you have started the tracking function. After tracking has been started, you do not need to run the application in the foreground to continue tracking.

Do I need to constantly stay connected to my phone while pitching?

The sensors measure and store information independently of the app after you have started them using the tracking mode with the PitchPerfect Baseball App. Make sure to collect and sync the data from the sensors after your training session by clicking the end session/save data button.

Can I measure my ball velocity using PitchPerfect?

PitchPerfect is developed to measure biomechanics in the field, it does not measure ball(flight) information.


What does 'rotation speed' mean?

Rotation speed is the value that described how fast an object is rotating around the centre of itself. Rotation speed is measured in the degrees per second and 360 degrees per second mean one full rotation in one second.

What is 'separation time'?

During the pitch the hips and trunk are rotating. We measure the moment in time when the segment is rotating at it’s fastest and compare this moment between the upper body (trunk) and lower body (hips). The timing between upper and lower body is crucial in transferring energy through the body and creating maximal throwing velocity. We measure this timing in milliseconds (ms). Scientific research has demonstrated that elite throwers rotate their upper body after their lower body (on average 35ms).

Am I the only person that has access to my data?

Your data can only be accessed after login to the app or online dashboards. We are continuously developing our platform and working on functions to easily share data with your team and/or coaches.

Can I share my pitching data with my coach?

At the moment we do not have a sharing function on our platform. We are continuously developing our platform and except to release a sharing function soon.


My sensors aren’t being detected by my phone.

Make sure the sensor are on, and a green light is blinking. Make sure your Bluetooth is on. Check if your app is allowed to access your Bluetooth protocol.

Help my issue isn’t listed here!

Please contact us through our socials or by email at info@pitchperfect-baseball.com


Does it matter if I pitch left-handed or right-handed?

PITCHPERFECT measures the (absolute) rotation of the hips and trunk. Although left- and right-handed players rotate the other direction this does not matter for how fast you (should) rotate. Therefore is does not matter if your throw left- or right-handed throwing.

Does PitchPerfect work for other sports?

The biomechanical basis of baseball pitching relies on upper- and lower-body coordination which are similar between overhand throwing sport such as the baseball pitch, a tennis serve or a javelin throw. However, the tracking algorithm is optimized for baseball pitchers.

At what level can PitchPerfect be used?

PitchPerfect can be used by pitchers playing on all levels from beginner/ high school to the pro-leagues. We advise young pitchers to start working with PitchPerfect from an age as early as 13 years old.

I am a coach and want my pitchers to use PitchPerfect?

That’s great! If you want us to help explain PitchPerfect to your players or are interested in a demonstration at your facility, please send us a message on our socials or by email at info@pitchperfect-baseball.com

What languages does PitchPerfect support?

The app automatically adjusts to the standard language of your phone.