PITCHPERFECT measures the timing between your body parts. A good timing helps you throwing fast and a proper technique is said to reduce injuries. But why is it important to measure your timing?

Well, there are many different ways to throw a great pitch, however, a great pitcher consistantly and realiable throws great pitches. Those pitchers rely on optimal full-body timing. Many forms of pitching have one thing all related, a good timing and transfer of energy form the legs to the arm.

PITCHPERFECT helps you to quantify and keep track of the timing of your kinematic chain every pitch that you throw. By keeping a healthy and consistant workload we help you consistantly throw good pitches and build a reliable arm.

Building your optimal training, and use your personal data as the source that you trust. Start now with PITCHPERFECT!


From gadgets to expensive labs, there are many ways to measure body mechanics, or, biomechanics. Since a couple of years, innovations in training technology have focussed on small movement devices (IMU’s) because they allow for measurement during the game or practice. With PITCHPERFECT we put all our efforts into making the optimal body sensor for baseball pitchers. Our mission is to make usefull technology affordable an easy-to-use

Every training environment has it’s own challengde to deal with. Baseball pitching is a very unique movement that relies on a full body effort. PITCHPERFECT is the first product that measures in a way that it is comfortable and affordable for any player that is serious in training for high velocity.