PITCHPERFECT measures the timing between your upper- and lower body. Proper timing makes you throw hard and proper technique can reduce injuries.

There are many different ways to throw a great pitch. However, a great pitcher consistently and reliably throws hard without injury. Those pitchers rely on optimal full-body timing. Many forms of pitching have one related component; a sequential timing and transfer of energy form the legs to the throwing arm.

PITCHPERFECT helps you to quantify the timing of your kinematic chain every pitch that you throw. By keeping a healthy and consistent workload we help you consistently throw good pitches and build a reliable arm.



From expensive sports-science centers to wearables, there are many ways to get information about your performance. More recently, innovations in training technology have focused on small movement sensors called inertia measurement units (IMU’s). With PITCHPERFECT we put all our efforts into making the optimal body sensor using IMU technology for baseball pitchers.

Every training environment has it’s own challenges. Baseball pitching is a unique movement that relies on a full body effort. PITCHPERFECT is the first multi-sensor system built for the players that both comfortable and affordable for any player serious in improving their pitching sessions to the next level.