Automatically keep track of your pitch count and track your own data whether practicing or in-game. Tracking your pitch count on the numbers is a key indicator to assess workload. This knowledge forms a reliable basis to personalize your practice rountines.

During all routines, warm-up, long-toss and bullpenn, your pitch count and biomechanical data will be recorded with the PITCHPERFECT sensors. The app will supply your personal stats after every session in a quick summery. Get an overview of your workload in the weekly graphs or share your training results with your coaches.



PITCHPERFECT measures the rotation velocity of the hips and the trunk and the interaction between upper and lower body. The timing between the hips and trunk, which is called separation, is regarded as a main metric to optimalize a pitchers throwing velocity. Training a consistant upper and lower body interaction will reduce the chances of injury.

All detailed body information can be seen, studied and shared with the personal dashboard available through our online platform. You can reach the dashboard through the app or login in on the website. Not only gain control of your pitches, gain control of your goals, succes and pitching career.





Support your feeling with facts!

All your trainingdata is stored in you personal profile. You can acces you profile 24/7 in the app and by loggin into your web based dashboard, it will be possibkle to get and complete overview of your stats. easily share your information with your teammates and coach.